What’s the Age of Someone Born in 1987 in 2024? Here’s How to Calculate

Ever wondered how old someone born in 1987 would be in 2024? Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or solving a math puzzle, knowing how to calculate ages is handy. This blog will walk you through the steps, making it simple and fun. By the end, you’ll be able to figure out anyone’s age in any given year.

Why It Matters

Knowing how to calculate ages might seem trivial, but it has practical uses. From planning reunions to understanding generational trends, you can apply this skill in various ways. Plus, it’s a neat party trick!

Basic Math Behind Age Calculation

Understanding the Basics

Calculating someone’s age involves basic subtraction. You subtract the birth year from the current year. For instance, in this case, you subtract 1987 from 2024.

Example Calculation

Let’s do a quick calculation. If someone was born in 1987 and the current year is 2024:

2024 – 1987 = 37

That means they would be 37 years old.

Leap Years and Birthdays

Sometimes, you might need to consider leap years and exact birth dates. If they haven’t had their birthday yet in 2024, they would still be 36.

Using Online Age Calculators

Advantages of Online Tools

Online age calculators can save you time and ensure accuracy. These tools are easy to use; you enter the birth year and the current year, and voilà, you get the age.

Popular Age Calculator Websites

Websites like Timeanddate.com and Calculator.net offer reliable age calculators. These platforms also provide additional features like date differences and countdowns.

How to Use Them

Simply go to the website, find the age calculator tool, input the birth year (1987), and set the target year (2024). The tool will instantly display the age.

Age Calculations for Different Purposes

Planning Milestone Birthdays

Knowing the age helps plan milestone birthdays like the big 40. If someone is 37 in 2024, their 40th birthday will be in 2027.

Understanding Generational Trends

Calculating age can help you understand generational behavior and trends. People born in 1987 are millennials, a generation known for tech-savvy and adaptability.

Educational and Professional Use

Teachers and HR professionals often need to calculate ages for eligibility criteria and assessments. This skill ensures accuracy in such tasks.

Fun Facts About 1987

Historical Events

People born in 1987 lived through significant historical moments. The Berlin Wall came down, and the internet began to take off.

Pop Culture

1987 was a vibrant year in pop culture. Iconic movies like “Dirty Dancing” and “The Princess Bride” were released.


The first version of Microsoft Windows was released in 1987, marking a significant milestone in tech history.

Common Age-Related Mistakes

Miscalculations Due to Leap Years

Leap years can sometimes trip people up. Always check if the current year is a leap year when calculating.

Forgetting Birthdays

If the birthday hasn’t occurred yet in the current year, subtract one year from the age. This is a common oversight.

Using Incorrect Birth Years

Always double-check the birth year. A small error can lead to incorrect calculations, especially in professional settings.

Advanced Age Calculations

Considering Months and Days

For precise age calculations, consider the exact birth date. For example, if the birthday is in December 1987 and it’s currently January 2024, the person is still 36.

Using Excel for Calculations

You can use Excel for advanced calculations. Use the DATEDIF function to calculate the exact age down to months and days.

Age Differences

If you need to calculate the age difference between two people, subtract one birth year from the other. This is useful for understanding generational gaps.

Why Accuracy Matters

Professional Settings

In professional settings, accuracy is crucial. Whether for legal, financial, or educational purposes, precise age calculations are essential.

Personal Relationships

Accurate age calculations can help maintain personal relationships. Remembering exact ages shows attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

Legal Implications

Certain legal documents require accurate age information. Errors in these documents can have serious consequences.

Tools for Accurate Calculations

Mobile Apps

There are several mobile apps for age calculation. Apps like Age Calculator and Age Tracker are user-friendly and accurate.

Desktop Software

Desktop software like Excel offers more advanced options for age calculations. Use built-in functions for precise results.

Manual Methods

Manual calculations still have their place. A simple subtraction can often be the quickest method when tools aren’t available.

Tips for Remembering Birth Years


Use mnemonic devices to remember important birth years. Associating the year with a significant event can help.

Digital Reminders

Set digital reminders on your phone for important birthdays. This ensures you never miss an important date.

Record Keeping

Maintain a record of important dates. Whether digital or physical, keeping track helps in quick recall.


Calculating how old someone born in 1987 will be in 2024 is straightforward. Whether using basic math, online tools, or Excel, this skill is both practical and useful. Knowing how to calculate ages accurately has numerous applications, from planning events to professional use. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Happy calculating!

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